Work of the Brethren – The Silver Linings of 2020

It would not be unreasonable to assume that the year 2020 will be famous, or dare I say infamous, in several ways when we look back upon it in the future. I’m sure you all could readily point out highlights, lowlights, important, and perhaps previously unthinkable changes. However, there is always good in what seems to be bad circumstances, so let’s find those silver linings and make a whole outfit of them!

This short video covers several positive stories of Church of God members living, loving, sharing and serving in these odd times we find ourselves in. Rudy Rangel, an employee in the media department of the United Church of God, set out to capture and share some good news from church members and encourage all who would watch it.

He starts off sharing his story of what he always looked forward to at the Feast of Tabernacles from the time he was a child – and to realize that many of those things were not available this year due to various global rules and restrictions. He then shifts the focus to some good news by highlighting interviews of several church brethren who have found a way to make the most of their situations and found ways to serve in the midst of a pandemic.

This video highlights several wet-eye-inducing stories of faith, service, innovation, and persistence during challenges and trials. From sharing about the challenges of starting virtual church services, to giving birth in the Covid era, to making virtual choirs, to hosting virtual children’s Sabbath School lessons, to working as an ER nurse in the thick of things, and more.

I highly recommend watching this video, whether or not you know the people involved, as it is very positive and encouraging! In this year of 2020, let’s remember the positives, and focus on the good that is happening around the nation and globe. May we all gain more trust in God in this time, and remember reasons we ought to be thankful to our Great Creator!