A “Ministry of Reconciliation” for the “Israel of God”

Albuquerque Providence of God Outreach Network

The education or teaching of people the Truth of God from the pages of the Holy Bible about the Sabbath, Holy Days, God, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Repent, Baptism, Conversion, Kingdom of God, Spirit, Immortal Soul, Ten Commandments, Born Again, Salvation, Jews, Gentiles, Sin, Called, Chosen, Faith, Love, Rapture, Satan, Devil, Praise, Forgive, Two Witnesses, Hope, Promise, Saturday Sabbath, 7th Day Sabbath, Church, Holy Spirit, Second Death, Armageddon, Festivals, Tabernacles

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Blow the Trumpet

Blow the Trumpet was founded in the early summer of 24. It is conducted by men and women who see themselves as literal ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. Our unqualified loyalty is to that Kingdom and its King. We represent its laws and its ways. Throughout the scriptures, God has promised that a real warning will be proclaimed as a witness and then the end shall come (Mt.24:14). This is such a warning.

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Christian Educational Ministries

Home of the Born to Win radio program with Ronald L. Dart and the resources of Christian Educational Ministries.

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