COVID19 Response

We asked people to volunteer their time and expertise to assist brethren during the unprecedented situation with COVID19. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out and volunteered their services!

If you are interested in any of the services offered below, please see our post on Facebook and contact the person via Facebook Messenger (unless otherwise noted). They will arrange next steps with you. If you do not have Facebook, please contact us by going to “Contact Us” and we will put you in touch with the person and services of your choice.


Wesley Kendall: Tutoring (math, English, public speaking, & programming)

Arielle Slijker: Educational resources for grades 5-12 & general educational support

Justin Mallett: Resume editing/critiquing & application/interview counseling

Angie Schexnayder: Baking & cooking instruction

Corbin Rose: Communication technology set up (Skype, Zoom, etc.)

Lelan Forester: General conversation & fellowship

Briana Reeter: Beachbody coach

Tim Reynolds: Career development consulting, software and digital product development, & general conversation

Lindsay Tedesco: Health coaching & weight-loss mentor

Kim Marie Snyder: Christian Mental Health Counselor

Josh Lamoureux: Christian life coaching (contact via email:

Gina Morelli Springer: Financial coach (assistance with budgeting, financial questions, etc.)

Sophie Ellis: Child rearing support & general educational tips