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Welcome to Brethren Supporting Brethren!
We are encouraged to live lives focused on giving rather than receiving. There are so many brethren going through trials throughout the world and we can help alleviate some of their burdens! With Brethren Supporting Brethren, we seek to connect brethren in need with those looking to give back. Fundraisers, meal services, and other needs are all included in the list.

If you have a need, or know of one posted by brethren, do not be shy to submit it — that’s what Brethren Supporting Brethren is for! If you would prefer to remain anonymous, we currently allow anonymous submissions through the Brethren Supporting Brethren submission form (included below). You may also email requests and details to Wesley Kendall (

We are aware that sometimes there are requests, especially financial, that are not entirely legitimate. While Church of God Network is not responsible for the validity of requests listed on Brethren Supporting Brethren, we strive to include only legitimate requests. We ask that you use diligence to verify requests prior to submitting them.

“Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’” (Matthew 25:37-40, NKJV)

Hunger Relief for Kenyan Brethren

Organizers: Erick Odhiambo (primary), Wesley Kendall

Benefiting party: 33 brethren in Kenya lacking food

Link to support:

From the GoFundMe page…

Erick Odhiambo, a brother in Kenya, has brought to attention that low-income brethren in Kenya have been suffering from a lack of food in the wake of the Covid-19 situation. He has requested $2500 for support, and has agreed to show receipts and pictures as confirmation that the support reaches the brethren in need, which I can send upon request when I receive them. In addition, I can send proof of transactions to Erick when sending him funds upon request. You can get more information (including Erick’s contact information) by contacting me, Wesley, on Facebook:

Any help is appreciated — a dollar can stretch farther for food in Kenya than in the United States.

Assistance for Daily Care of Lori Breedlove

Organizers: Debbie Kellers Haggard and Eric Breedlove

Benefiting party: Lori Breedlove

Link to support:

From the GoFundMe page…

On January 26th 2020 Lori Breedlove was involved in a severe rollover accident on her way to work. This accident left her with a fractured spine, no use of her hands, unable to walk and she currently needs 24 hour care.

On March 6th, 2020 her beloved husband Ray passed away after surgery complications in a separate hospital.  This left Lori with no caretaker or companion and no chance to say goodbye.

Lori’s in-home healthcare expenses at this time average around $10,000 a month and that does not include physical therapy. She also has her regular bills to take care of. She has moved through multiple hospitals and care facilities and now has to go home. While in these care facilities, she received much needed physical therapy and was progressing in her mobility. Now she is at home and her current insurance is only sending therapy one time a week each and she desperately needs more than that.  We believe she won’t be fully disabled forever, we believe she will regain independence with regular therapy. For the time being though, she needs financial assistance to be taken care of and heal.

We are working towards selling her current home in order to bring her living expenses to a more manageable level.

Support for RaeAnn Dowd’s Medical Expenses

Organizer: The Tulsa and OKC UCG congregation

Benefiting party: RaeAnn Dowd & her family

Link to support:

From the GoFundMe page…
RaeAnn Dowd was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer which has metastasized into her bones and liver. RaeAnn has had several radiation treatments to target specific areas as well as taking medications to target her hormones. RaeAnn is the wife of Ed Dowd who currently pastors the United Church of God, Tulsa and Oklahoma City Congregations. They have three young boys that have been a great help to their family in this time of need, Chandler, Zarek and Broen.

After speaking with the Dowds, they were informed that some of the medications might not be covered by their insurance, as well as having a high deductible, this can create a hardship that should not be the focal point of their lives. This will be a long, costly road ahead and as a congregation we are seeking financial support for the Dowd family to ease some of their financial burdens.

Most importantly, we would ask for prayers on RaeAnn’ s behalf as she faces this difficult trial. As many of us have dealt with cancer before with either our own selves or family members, we know that this is a challenging time in the family’s lives as well. Please keep all of them in your prayers.

Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda (BHCU)

Organizers: Maino Paul (primary contact, GivingWay organizer) | Wesley Kendall (GoFundMe organizer)

Benefiting party: The individuals and families in Uganda helped by BHCU

Links to support: (COVID-19 lockdown starvation relief for 83 single-mother households) | (assistance for widow & family with house that is dangerously deteriorating) | |

BHCU, run by a member in Uganda, Maino Paul, has several projects to assist people in Uganda in need of aid. See the need-specific GivingWay links if you would like to donate to specific needs, or use the GoFundMe or GivingWay links for BHCU to donate to the organization itself which can distribute funds.

From the GoFundMe page
Maino Paul, a member in Uganda who directs a nonprofit for helping local youth and women through projects and material assistance, is requesting aid in helping to meet the needs of several individuals and for the nonprofit (Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda – BHCU).

Included in the needs are two wheelchairs for disabled individuals, tailoring machines for providing a source of work (and therefore income) for individuals, knitting machines for the same purpose, cheap desktop computers for training youth on technology, school supplies for orphans and disadvantaged children, a house renovation for an older couple who are in danger of their roof falling onto them, and goats for rearing for general provision for poor brethren.

BHCU greatly values accountability and transparency. It is not expected that all of these projects can be completed at once, however all donations will be put to good use towards them. If you as a donor would like to see the receipts and photos of activity, Maino Paul has offered to share those. You can send a request for these and other information through the Facebook page, or send an email to

Click Here for a Spreadsheet of the Needs and How Much is Budgeted from Potential Donations for Each Need

Click Here for the BHCU Facebook Page

From the GivingWay page for COVID-19 lockdown starvation relief for 83 single-mother households
With the sudden issuing of the lockdown in Uganda, a lot of the young women and youth we support were not ready and have thus been affected in so many ways, though we have tried to supply food some are still lacking food and currently we have 83 single mothers waiting to be supported with food.

We shall use the funds to purchase food from food stores and supply the food to the rural areas we operate from.

From the GivingWay page for replacing a widow & family’s dangerously deteriorating house
Ms. Tindyera Beatrice aged 68 years is a native of Burongo village in kicwamba subcounty in kabarole Uganda is seeking for help towards the fixing of her leaking house that is about to fall on her, this comes about after the place was attacked by heavy floods and down pour, the husband died and left her with over 7 children to take care of and in this pandemic she has also failed to provide to them food and they are starving seriously as they can’t do much.

Once the funds are obtained we shall build for her a new semi permanent house and get her enough food that can enable her pass through this lock down and also get a small scale business that can sustain her and the children, we shall also provide her with her basic needs.

Help Kristen Kick Cancer

Organizer: Jennifer Castillo

Benefiting party: Kristen Hocker and her family

Links to support: |

From the GoFundMe page…

As Kristen’s journey to kick cancer continues, the extent of the financial demand that comes with her Cancer diagnosis and the subsequent treatment continues to rapidly increase. Because of this, we have decided to increase our goal to 50k. Here is a message from a close family friend:

About five weeks ago Kristen’s legs were not working well and giving out on her. She got checked out, called by her doctor and told to immediately go to the Emergency Room at Research Hospital. Within days they found a very rare cancer (Kristen calls it a Unicorn Cancer), a tumor inside her spine. They did surgery knowing that Kristen could be paralyzed from the waist down and she is. The first few weeks were very painful and difficult for Kristen. She got through it all by the grace of God, prayers and her can-do spirit. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy started working with her soon after her surgery. The therapists work hard for Kristen, challenging her as she challenged them and together with God’s help her left leg is getting some muscle control back with the right leg having a bit of movement. PT is helping Kristen to learn to move herself on a board from her bed to a chair and to wherever else she needs to move to. They are helping to awaken her muscles in her legs. At this time the hip and stomach muscles are not working properly. The road ahead of her is a long one and an expensive one at that.

Kristen needs you to be on her Team, Sunny Side of Life! She will continue to need medical equipment, supplies, new medical equipment as she progresses, supplies for daily care, therapy (once insurance stops), help with medical bills, essentials to help her body heal that is not covered by insurance, making her home handicapped accessible, BioFreeze pain patches, and the list goes on. Insurance will only cover so much and then the family will be on their own. We want Kristen to know that she has another family, Team Sunny Side of Life Family! She needs your prayers, your monetary support and she needs you to share her GoFundMe page with as many people as you can and encourage them to donate. She needs you to do your own fundraisers on behalf of her to help her to one day walk again through the grace of God. She needs to know she has a team of people who will support her, give her encouragement, keep in touch with her, love her and let her know she does matter. We have increased the amount on the GoFundMe page to $50,000. An amount I believe we can meet with your help. Will you join Kristen and her family and become a part of the Team Sunny Side of Life Family?

(See the GoFundMe page for the full description and updates)

Dormitory for Orphaned Boys

Organizer: William Goff

Benefiting party: Boys in the Sengera House Orphanage

Link to support:

From the GoFundMe page…

Want to join me in making a difference for some orphans who have suffered severely? I am raising money to build a boys dormitory for the orphans living at “Sengera House Orphanage” in Kenya. There are twenty children living at the orphanage, ten girls and ten boys. we built a dormitory out of bricks for the girls two years ago, but the boys dormitory is older, and was constructed of mud. (A temporary building, but all we could afford at the time.) Now the boys house is showing signs of collapse, and needs to be replaced with a permanent building. These children came to us in the same frail condition after their parents died. Skin and bone hungry (starving actually) wearing only the worn out clothes on their backs, and not in school. Now they are well fed, clothed, and all are in school. But the boys house needs to be replaced before it collapses.

. . .

All twenty of these orphans are wonderful children, and all have suffered severely in the past after their parents died. Now they are doing so much better. (We are also trying to teach each and everyone of them a trade, so when they finish their schooling they can become self supportive.) But the boys need a new house to live in, before the present one collapses. The new one we plan to build will also be a bit larger (two story) so we will be able to take in some additional orphans who are currently suffering.

Any donation you can give will help. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause, it means so much to these orphans.
William Goff

(See the GoFundMe page for the full description and updates)