Graphic Designer (Volunteer)

About the organization

The International Center for World Peace (ICFWP) is a charity based in the United Kingdom with a team of volunteers supporting the organization from multiple countries world-wide. By using technology and design practices the ICFWP immerses people in the new world of the Kingdom of God to teach about the Messianic age to come. By breathing tomorrow into today the ICFWP brings communities together by creating a space for educating the world about God’s plan for World Peace.


About the role:

We will be launching a VR-events space to support our educational strategy that will provide resources for an online community to learn about God’s plan for world peace.

We are looking for volunteers who want to share their gifts with artistic design and have skills in Photoshop. The volunteer must work well in teams and be able to commit to and follow through on deadlines. This work will be done on a volunteer basis meaning that no salary can be guaranteed. However training expenses would be covered and the volunteer would receive valuable experience in a multidisciplinary technologically intensive global project that can lay a good foundation for a future career as a graphic design artist. If you think you are a good fit for this opportunity, then please send us your application.


Hard skillsets

  • Ability to design custom artistic sketches, designs and illustrations.
  • Skills in Adobe Photoshop.


Send the application to:

Contact: Timothy Ståhle